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Wedding Villas

If you think that a wedding in Bali will break your wallet think again. With hundreds of fabulous estates, Bali is not only one of the most sought-after wedding destinations in the world, but it’s also an affordable wedding destination. For the sophisticated wedding, we suggest a splendid beachfront estate with several villas located within the complex, so that all guests can enjoy the supreme comfort and increased privacy.

Boasting spectacular setting, gorgeous surrounding and stellar service, our fabulous villas are tailor-made for intimate weddings. With nine bedrooms and multiple lounging areas within the property, you will have plenty of space to accommodate all guests with the level of comfort that any hotel can ever match.

Moreover, we can help with arranging the wedding planner so you can relax and enjoy the preparation while the experts will organise the ceremony. After all, Bali is the Island of Love and a perfect place to tie knots with your special one.